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Welcome to
Twin Pines Australian Shepherds
AKA Twin Pines Kennels
Westminster Sc

  Call/Text 864-873-7300

An American Breed Made in our American West!​​

Puppy Deposits are none refundable.
(Unless otherwise discused.)

Our Home in South Carolina

Let us find a pup that fits your life!
My Oldest Friend (Besides my sister. She's way Older. ;-)
​​My very first Aussie Sheila. She will be turning 16 on March 11th 2017.
Sheila and I at the Grand Canyon when she was 13.
Grand Canyon USA!
My Sister and Sheila. My sister has a few decendents on Sheila's at Hill Top Ranch Dogs Decatur Texas.
My two Best Friends in the World! My sister and my Sheila.

A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
Josh Billings