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About us:
“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.â€
Johnny Depp.
We started raising Miniature, Standard (occasionally a Toy) Australian Shepherd on our old farm in Dawsonville GA moving to the community of Oakway SC (Westminster) in 2007. We have been raising Aussie's for about 15 years starting with my girl Sheila. She was my first and still with me today.
 I've always had a way with animals but the Australian Shepherd really won my heart. Such smart, loyal, fun, happy dogs! Always ready to please. 
As a breeder, I know when people are looking for a dog they want to know as much as they can about the breeder and where and how their puppy was raised, I would. That’s why I build my website to represent me and what we do and how we care for our dogs and what kind of dogs we bred. I want people to know we are a “clean” hobby breeder of only “Australian Shepherds” and our dogs are loved and cared for. We do not live in a single-wide trailer with kennels spread across our property. Our dogs are not cattle, they are part of our family. Each one has a name and personality one gets as much attention as the other. Puppies “are not” raised in cages they are raised on the ground so they can feel grass between their toes.       
I have made mistakes when I first started when purchasing a dog “sight unseen or seen”. I bought an adult female from a well know line of dogs from a breeder up north and stressing the point of socialization, personality to her and that Socialization was very important to me. They assured me she was. They shipped the dog to me by plane, picked her up, got her home. She wouldn’t come out of the crate at all, forced her out and never touched the dog again, she wouldn’t let me. She had never been socialized or loved and these people flat-out lied to me.       
 Another example, I bought a young adult male from another so called “animal rescue” breeder below Atlanta. After having the dog a couple months he began to have seizures. The seizures got so bad I had to have him put to sleep. The breeder wouldn’t return my calls, didn’t clean up his breeding program, didn’t care.     
                I tried in the beginning to get AKC, ASCA and at that time they had not yet reconized the miniatures and ASCA never will. As I went on I noticed I had more issues with the AKC/ASCA dogs that I had my old lines from NSDR. Aussies were still fairly new! I also worked for a woman that was big into Border Collie trials and she once told me that AKC was going to add the Border Collie to their list of dog breeds. She told me how AKC gets a breed and they distroy it. People breed them to death basically.   So you will find that I use ASDR American Stock Dog Registry. She seems to be the only registry that actually wants to do something with the registry. NSDR is the older registry but she really doesnt do anything with it but take your money. All my aussies are 100% and I have extended pedigrees on all my dogs. Some of them have champion lines in their pedigree and some dont. Unless your going to show I dont really think that's important. Some pedigrees have "the look" I'm going for and if they have champion lines or not. Paper doesnt make a good dog.
                      So when it comes to my dogs, I want to know about anything and everything that goes good or bad from 6 months to 10 years from purchase. *I do allow people to come to my farm to meet the parents. Most breeders would never consider that because of diseases that can be carried in, or they are trying to hide something. I am taking chances doing this but I feel that people should be allowed to see how the adult dogs are cared for and where they live. If they are living in filth or in tiny cages they want produce balanced puppies. “Happy, Healthy Adults makes for Happy Healthy Puppies!”             
                   I believe in honesty. I want buyers to be happy with their puppy. If I feel that this puppy wouldn’t be right for you, I will tell you so. Raising Aussie's with personality, intelligence, versatility, and conformationally correct as we can.
                                                              WE BREED FOR QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY !