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Puppy Deposits are none refundable.
(Unless otherwise discused.)

                                                                   Twin Pines Kennels Puppy Contract
                                                                                  Standard and Miniature Australian Shepherds
                                                                                                            Becky Howington Owner
                                                                                                                   1881 Oakway Rd,
                                                                                                           Westminster Sc 29693
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I Becky Howington the breeder/owner of the said puppy, (described below,) hereafter "seller"  do enter into an agreement with ______________________, hereafter "buyer" for the purpose of transferring ownership of said puppy.
                                                              The Puppy is a :Standard/Miniature Australian Shepherd.
Male/Female Puppy's date of birth:________________.
Markings of Puppy:________________________________________.
*Purchase price of puppy is _$_________  Deposit amount:$______.  ($350.00)
Total amount to be paid in full at time of pick-up in $$CASH$$.
*Seller guarantees that said puppy is in good health at time of this agreement.
The buyer has 48 hours as of: Date__________ to have the puppy examined by a licenced veterinarian. If puppy is said to be in poor health, seller will replace said puppy with another puppy.
                                                                    (In NO WAY is seller responsible for any vet bills EVER)
Seller has taken every reasonable precaution to prevent any genetic disorders. If such defects occur or testing done by certified vet on hips (less than "Fair" Condition) and eyes (CERF cert)to prove  GENETIC defects of puppy before the puppy reaches 12 months of age seller will replace said puppy with one of equal/less value. Seller has right to a second opinion .  ( Canine Hip Dysplasia) (Link)

If buyer wants to keep the defective puppy, it must be SPAYED or NEUTERED. Seller is in no way responsible for any cost incurred by you EVER. Buyer is resposible for returning puppy.
                                                                                                                            (No Refunds)
                                                                        (We do not guarantee against Parvo, Coccidia, or Cherry Eye)
                                               (I do not guarantee size! We only have the parents to go by on determining size!)
                          (This Contract in NONE Transferable and guarantee is Null and Void if dog does not reside                                                                                                                                                             with original owner.)
                                                                                           (We have the right to refuse sale to anyone!)

*The buyer certifies by signing this contract that the puppy will live with the buyer, be confined by a fenced yard, will have adequate exercise, nutritious food, and necessary health care. If seller finds dog chained in yard, underfed, abused in any way, buyer is to surrender said pup/dog to seller. If seller finds buyer breeding said puppy/dog without sellers approval, registries will be notified and registrations will be revoked and buyer reported.
*Seller has first right of refusal if you decide you can't keep the dog or if seller cannot take said dog at the time     seller will assit in rehoming the dog as best she can.
*All dogs must be SPAYED or NEUTERED at maturity (2+years of age if possible) unless otherwise agreed upon by seller.
(There is a $500.00 fee for breeding rights. Rights must be bought within the first year or price is $600.00)
*Sellers Signature:_________________________________________Date:________________
*Buyers Signature:_______________________________________Date:__________________